New Orleans Pelicans

Vegas Over/Under: 39.5

Fromal’s Record Projection: 37-45 The Bet: Beneath with marginal confidence
Rarely does the stars-and-scrubs plan get deployed quite like this in professional leagues.
Most commonly utilized in fantasy sports, the thinking goes you could overcome a distinct lack of depth and quality players from top-loading a roster. Spend a great deal on a few men, then expect for mere proficiency around them.
Even the New Orleans Pelicans are now among the most significant examples of this plan taking root in fact, because they’re enclosing Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins and Jrue Holiday with practically nothing. Rajon Rondo stays a shell of his old self–a helpful shell, but a casing nonetheless–and Solomon Hill’s torn hamstring can keep him out for up to eight months.
Who is notable? Have a look at every other man under contract and see whether it’s possible to identify the fifth-best healthy player, assuming the aforementioned four are the best quartet: Alexis Ajinca, Omer Asik, Ian Clark, Jordan Crawford, Cheick Diallo, Frank Jackson, E’Twaun Moore and Quincy Pondexter.
It is likely either Clark or Moore. And that’s a problem, particularly when both bigs are still trying to suss out chemistry.

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