Catriona Matthew: Solheim Cup victory would be career highlight

Catriona Matthew considers this week, leading Europe into Solheim Cup success at Gleneagles would be her best accomplishment in golf.
A nine-time Solheim Cup player, matthew, captains a powerful side in Scotland, in which the hosts are searching to prevent a third successive defeat in the biennial contest.
The 50-year-old won the 2009 Women’s British Open and finished winning Solheim Cup sides through an illustrious acting career, although feels victory those previous successes would be gazumped by this week.
“I think it [Solheim Cup triumph ] will be appropriate at the top,” Matthew said. “I’ve always loved the Solheim Cup. It’s been the highlight of my profession every 2 years as soon as it comes around.
“One of my finest moments have been in the Solheim, and that I think to be a winning captain at Gleneagles in Scotland would rank just about over my British Open win.
“It is good that it is finally here. It has been, in certain respects, a couple of decades and I feel these next couple of days will just fly past”
Matthew’s final Solheim Cup appearance arrived in Europe’s 16.5-11.5 conquer two years back, if the Scot made the last-minute switch out of vice-captain to player to replace the wounded Suzann Pettersen.
Team USA have now been forced into a similar adjustment ahead of the year’s competition and have drafted in Ally McDonald to take more than Stacy Lewis, leaving the visitors with six rookies in their aspect.
“Obviously that is hard for them and disappointing,” Matthew added. “We were in the exact identical scenario last time together with Suzann [Pettersen]. I feel sorry for Stacy [Lewis].
“You’ve got that sort of connection of getting on the team, being picked, and then not being able to play as you are injured is unfortunate for them. Ally McDonald is player that is strong, a fantastic player. They have an able replacement there.
“I guess being a newcomer it is a little unknown quantity. They are all good players, but you’ve seen previously some rookies excel and kind of come in. Subsequently other rookies who sadly just have found it a bit all a little too much.”
Pettersen yields for Europe and makes her Solheim Cup appearance, even though just making three starts November 2017, although vice-captain Dame Laura Davies is supporting her inclusion for a captain’s pick.
“Why would not you need Suzann Pettersen in your team?” Davies said. “She hasn’t played a enormous amount of tournaments, but match play is extremely different. You do not have to string together 72 holes.
“In the end it might be difficult for a person who hasn’t played, but 18 hole match play I’d back Suzann [Pettersen] every time. If you’ve a different player on the sheet or Suzann, you might play the player.
“Suzann can be quite tricky on the market. It’s good for us. It is amazing that she brings that reputation to our team, and I’d never overlook Suzann Pettersen ever.”
Watch the Solheim Cup live on Sky Sports. Live coverage begins with the Opening Ceremony on Thursday from 5.30pm Sky Sports Golf and Sky Sports Mix.

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