Islamic art gallery promotes unity and peace with collaborative art concept

Islamic art gallery promotes unity and peace with collaborative art concept

Ahlan Art, a London-based Islamic art gallery, has started a campaign to highlight the positive image of Islam through an art initiative inspired by the faith’s foundations.

The gallery has launched the first Islamic interactive art piece created by the public. Make Your Mark began with a blank canvas with a cube at the centre, representing the Kaaba. Since its creation, the art piece has travelled across a number of international destinations to have members of the public add their own brush stroke. Acclaimed musician Sami Yusuf made the first brush stroke, followed by many well-known public figures as well as the general public as a whole.

The co-founder of Ahlan Art gallery, Hassan Mawji, said, “With over 2,500 brush strokes, this piece has brought together and engaged individuals from various backgrounds and faiths, truly representing a global art piece.”

The concept used in this campaign was inspired by the popular art pieceDiversity, painted by one of the gallery’s leading artists, Siddiqa Juma. Showing the Kaaba at its centrepoint, Make Your Mark continually collects a surrounding blanket of multi-coloured brush strokes to represent a diverse yet united humanity.

Since its launch, this piece has already toured a number of venues, including the House of Lords, the World Islamic Economic Forum in Dubai, Accenture, law firm White & Case, a Sami Yusuf concert in London, Kings College London and number of others. After the UK and UAE, Ahlan Art are continuing their international tour, to show how we are all, as a global community, united.

To bring this campaign to your town or city, email Ahlan Art gallery at


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