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Who is Babak Radmanesh? Father of Sami Yusuf

Who is Babak Radmanesh? Father of Sami Yusuf
Babak Radmanesh, originally Azeri, was born in Tabriz (capital of Eastern Azerbaijan, Iran). He was a student of music, having studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tehran University. He has been a musician (traditional and pop), composer, lyricist, poet, teacher, and a singer for over three decades. He is an expert and an instructor on instruments like tar, setar, santour, barbat (Oud), kamanche, tombak and ney. He also plays other instruments such as violin, piano and keyboard. Maestros and MethodsHis violin teachers included AbulHassan Saba during childhood, and Ali Tajwidi in adolescence. In Kamanche, he benefited from the teachings of Asghar Bahari. Babak Radmanesh’s method of playing and style of teaching his students -- ...
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