Post's Tags : Iran’s Mercantile Exchange Up 60% in 9 Months

Iran’s Mercantile Exchange Up 60% in 9 Months

Iran's Mercantile Exchange Up 60% in 9 Months
TEHRAN (FNA) - The Latest official statistics showed that the value of Iran’s Mercantile Exchange (IME) has increased by 60 percent in the last 9 months. “Our biggest reason for the past months’ recent success is because of Iran’s extreme increase in national production; our hottest commodities are industry and mine, petroleum, crude oil and agriculture,” said IME Deputy of Operations Mehrzad Namdari, Press TV reported. Since March 2013, trade volume has increased by 19 percent at the IME, despite the illegal US-engineered sanctions against Iran, especially those targeting its oil and banking sectors, over the country’s nuclear energy program. “The sanctions actually helped us, because national production has grown at its highest levels ever, foreign investors started investing more in the IME, ...
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